Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 Today the supplies for a six week on-line course arrived.  Starting in January I will participate in a class offered by the Brave Girls Club.  These kind of craft activities are not something I usually do, but it sounded like fun.  All the supplies are provided except for embellishments I would like to add.  Hmmm, glitter.  Maybe sequins.  And feathers.  Feathers for sure.
Every day I receive an e-mail from them entitled...a little bird told me...
The words are encouraging even though I am not particularly in need of a pep talk these days.  I do enjoy reading them, especially since they are written in such a fun, personal style.
Tomorrow I will share one with you.


  1. Hi, This club sounds like fun.
    How can one find out more about it? I'm getting ready to start some new projects for the coming year. One is I'm going to look for a yoga or Tia Chi ( sp?)class. I want to take some art courses or classes. And I want to get involved in a garden group such as the Herb Society.
    Those supplies look very interesting and fun. Can't wait to see what you do with them.