Friday, December 31, 2010


Come, follow me into a fantasy land where time stands still.
This is a world where the earth rises up to greet us,
where little pools hold mysteries of the deep,
where relics of the past give rise to new notions of beauty,
where age equates with grace,
where treasures of nature are honored alongside vestiges from another age,
where little outposts of loveliness are just around the bend,
where dappled shade encourages reverie,
where playful sprites come to rest.

 This poem has settled right in and made itself at home with me.  It could be because I have so been looking forward to our family vacation and when I read it I have felt as if  I am already there, waiting for everyone else to arrive on this island and hoping with all my heart that time will stand still.

My thanks to Anne Hammott for her generosity in sharing it.  Check out her blog,   I have enjoyed following her and I know others will too.

P.S.  I will post tomorrow before we depart so I can continue my tropical fantasy....
        there is just a minor technical problem I haven't figured out, so......
        please mute the playlist on the sidebar for the duration of the video.


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